Delicious food to highlight our soups, served at our lunch-caterings

It is ime to introduce some of our partners and their products that we serve with our lunch-caterings:

Bread is beautiful is one of them: Founder and bread-lover Yamina Guidoum takes care that we only get best ingredients and bread to accompagny our soups, that you do not find anywhere else in Brussels!

We also offer a whole range of fantastic desserts, all of them can easily be enjoyed in a walking-lunch.

Vegan desserts! Invented and made by Marjolaine Papin, founder of The Cookie Tree. Don‘t even bother, you will not find a difference between vegan or non-vegan pastry, neither in the pictures nor in taste. I love it when our clients say: „Oh, this tartelette de citron is sooo creamy!“ Yes it is and still it is not! 🙂

Katia Lefebvre from Paris studied baking world class pastries at the best pastry-school in France. Her products are low on sugar and also absolutely delicious.

Enjoy all this wonderful handmade food made by exciting Brussels food-entrepreneurs!

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