New delicious stuff to accompany our soups!

Summer is coming and we have some new goodies to accompagny our soups! Delicious petites-bouchées salmon-crémefraiche, roasted aubergines-champignons or jambonparme-melon. They can be ordered with our soups in a pair of three per portion.

Soupreise is laureat of Reseau Entreprendre Bruxelles!

So very happy to announce that Soupreise has been selected to be a laureat of Reseau Entreprendre Bruxelles. It took the decision of a pre-jury and a pitch in front of the final jury. Now two years of professional coaching, learning and networking are ahead. I am really happy and proud we could convince the […]

Delicious food to highlight our soups, served at our lunch-caterings

It is ime to introduce some of our partners and their products that we serve with our lunch-caterings: Bread is beautiful is one of them: Founder and bread-lover Yamina Guidoum takes care that we only get best ingredients and bread to accompagny our soups, that you do not find anywhere else in Brussels! We also […]


This is the spot to get to know us behind the scenes. It has been quite an adventure to start Soupreise and challenges are waiting every day. I thought I might share some of my stories here. Have a great laugh or shed a tear, as you like, but in any case let us know […]

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