We love soups.

Our soups make busy people happy, every lunch time.
Served from our bikes or in a hot pot at your office.

Customer Stories

I am officially Soupreise-addicted! From the very first sip, you get the feeling the soups were made with love and care: superbly delicious, and nourishing your soul. The bikes are such a cute sparkle on the street, especially during a loooooong and grey Belgian cold season. Highly recommend!

Agnieszka Juszczyk

Visually Thinking

We are very pleased about our cooperation with Soupreise. Professional, very friendly staff and delicious food. Everyone was delighted.

Pamela Milano


We love our daily soups delivered by Soupreise! The soups are a fantastic benefit to our staff, as they are delivered to our office and are accessible to everybody for lunch. I truly believe they make a difference to the office environment in a very positive way.

Marlies Debrouwer


Soupreise offers a fantastic variety of delicious soups! We gave it a try and discovered a great lunch-option! It is easy to order and a very friendly and helpful staff make Soupreise special.

Phillip Cerny

European Parliament

Daily Soups

Need an easy and fast daily lunch for your team? Order our delicious lunch-soups to your office! We guarantee an excellent variety of fresh soups delivered to your door with a smile and on time. Your staff-members will love it.

Soup days: Let us know which days you have chosen to be your soup-lunch-days. Three days per week? Every Thursday? Choose the formula that fits your needs best.

How many colleagues will be having soup? The price per litre is 8,50 Euro with discounts starting from 11 litre/day. We recommend to plan 500 ml per person for a lunch. Prices include delivery in the centre of Brussels.

Need a bain-marie, trowel, soup-cups, or spoons? Let us know, we will provide them if necessary.


Looking for a unique and funny catering option for your event or meeting? Order our fresh delicious soups, served directly from our bike(s) or in hot pots in your office. We also cater special home-made black-bread sandwiches and heavenly vegan desserts.  

Let us know the date and time of your event.
How many colleagues will be having lunch? The prize for our soup per liter is 8,50 Euro with discounts starting from 11 liters. We recommend to plan 500 ml per person for a lunch. Prices include delivery in the center of Brussels.
Need a bain-marie, trowel, soup-cups, or spoons? Let us know, we will provide everything needed.
Would you like to order our special sandwiches with the soups, or just home-made bread? Can we add delicious desserts?

Soupreise Soups

Get SOUPREISE-famous! We are constantly working on new recipes and we welcome any new idea, hint or suggestion. Feel free to contact us if you have a special soup you would like to introduce. We will give the soup your name!

  • HAPPY ORANGE (bio)- carrot, coconut, mint, coriander
  • TRIO DE CHAMPIGNONS - oyster mushrooms, shitake, paris, parsley, cream
  • WHITE SPECIAL - chicory, mascarpone, muscade
  • ORIENTAL DELIGHT - chickpeas, spinach, lentils, fresh mint, lemon, turmeric, cinnamon
  • THICK&TASTY – beef, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, black beer
  • MULLIGATAWNY – chicken, lentils, cardamom, ginger, cumin, coriander, coconut
  • FINE THAI – sweet potato, coconut, coriander, cherry tomatoes
  • LAST SUMMER – green peas, corn, cream
  • FRESH GARDEN TWIST – red peppers, thyme, spinach, roasted sesame
  • ITALIAN TASTY (bio) – tomatoes, ricotta, leeks, basil
  • Old fashioned ZINNEKE - chicken, young onions, carrots, celery, soy sprouts, Chinese cabbage, pepper
    Zinneke, the Brussels mix of cultures and ingredients: traditional veggies and newcomers added together in a delicious spicy mix.

  • ATOMIUM Spice - chickpeas, eggs, harissa, potatoes, lemon, cumin
    Little chickpeas round like the Atomiums‘ spheres, mixed with exotic hot spices, remembering Expo 58 that brought exciting new flavours to Brussels.

  • La ZOTTE bière – black beer, cinnamon, cream, lemon, couscous
    Brussels spicy bier tradition in a magic mix with middle east couscous pasta, perfected with cinnamon and citron.


Zero waste - SOUPREISE ceramic-soup-cups-to-go


Small things often make a difference in our lives and we always try to make things easier and more practical. Our cute orange ceramic soup-cups-to-go fit right into that idea. High quality Mahlwerck ceramics make sure that the cup does not break easily and keeps the soup hot.

But they are not only cute, they also serve another nice purpose: you can reuse them over and over again! Preventing waste is a nice thing to do and we treat you with a nice discount. And one more thing, that is really cool about these cups: the lid closes tightly and is therefore perfectly fit for transport, even on bikes. They are on sale at the bikes, or contact us, we can also send them.


For quite some years I had been working at the European Parliament. Great work, tight schedules and usually not enough time for lunch. There is an ok-food-choice around the institutions, but it still seemed that sandwiches were for most of us the fastest and easiest solution. But after a while sandwiches just aren’t tasty anymore and I missed variety, something to choose from when things had to go fast and easy at noon. And slowly a dream developed on my mind. Experiencing asian street food surely helped to get the picture clearer: What about food-bikes, circeling around in the European Quarter? Hm, wouldn’t that be something…? In summer 2016 I discovered XYZ Cargo bikes in Hamburg. They let you build your own stylish, light and handy bikes, cargo bikes and food bikes. From that point on things developed pretty fast: I decided to go for it. Quit my job, found a creative chef, a co-cooking space, bikers, a friend to create a feel-good-design and logo and I went through long lists and demands of the administrations (believe me that was the hardest part).

And here we are. Proudly presenting: SOUPREISE.

Soupreise sells fast food. Quality-fast food. Food for people who do not have time to stand in line, fight their place in the cantine or sit down for two hours in waitress-leaving -you-to-wait restaurants. Come by and enjoy: We sell our fresh soup like a coffee-to-go in a large cup, that makes it most easy to carry and sip. Or slurp, as you like. You can take the cup to your meeting, bench in the park, office desk, wherever your busy schedule takes you. We cook classical recepies, but also love to try new stuff, every day new recepies. We serve vegetarian and soups for meat-lovers.Our dishes will return to nature after you have enjoyed your soup: everything is biodegradable, from the cup to the spoon.



Our team

Soupreise is a team and I am utterly proud of the work of every single Soupreiser. English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, our Soupreisers speak all kinds of languages and friendly service is guaranteed! We love to have happy clients, sell great food and spread a good mood in busy lunch time hours. Get to know us!


Soupreise stories

New delicious stuff to accompany our soups!

Summer is coming and we have some new goodies to accompagny our soups! Delicious petites-bouchées salmon-crémefraiche, roasted aubergines-champignons or jambonparme-melon. They can be ordered with our soups in a pair of three per portion.

Soupreise is laureat of Reseau Entreprendre Bruxelles!

So very happy to announce that Soupreise has been selected to be a laureat of Reseau Entreprendre Bruxelles. It took the decision of a pre-jury and a pitch in front of the final jury. Now two years of professional coaching, learning and networking are ahead. I am really happy and proud we could convince the […]

Delicious food to highlight our soups, served at our lunch-caterings

It is ime to introduce some of our partners and their products that we serve with our lunch-caterings: Bread is beautiful is one of them: Founder and bread-lover Yamina Guidoum takes care that we only get best ingredients and bread to accompagny our soups, that you do not find anywhere else in Brussels! We also […]

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